Peacock Sponsorship Opportunity at Sundance

Turning Moments into Movement  


Awareness without concrete social impact is just advertising. Documentaries and other forms of content do a great job of getting the audience to feel the impact of the subject matter, but almost none of them lead to real change.


The BLACK BOYS Digital Learning Experience (DLE) sits at the intersection of education, sports, criminal justice, and activism offering an engaging, relevant, and rigorous self-paced educational professional development experience. Using storytelling to reveal the inner intellectual and emotional lives of so many different Black boys and men, participants are invited to examine their own practices as educators, using current media and research.

The Prologue introduces educators to cultural humility as an umbrella concept and is followed by these four modules, each with their own additional concepts:

  • BODY explores how an asset-based approach to instruction empowers students with greater agency over their learning and their engagement in civic life.
  • MIND examines the promising findings that an empathic mindset leads to for life-long healthy outcomes for student success in school.
  • VOICE looks at the importance of narrative work with an emphasis in future orientation as an avenue for positive identity.
  • HEART offers insights to how healing centered engagement fosters greater student growth.

The Impact

👏🏾 “Students will see themselves in the curriculum.

Teachers will see themselves in the curriculum. This

is something in dire need across the United States.”

– Staff

👏🏾 “I actually have someone special outside of

home that treats me like they’ve known me since I

was little.”

– Student

160,000+ Students

400+ Districts

7,000+ Teachers

The Activation

Join Never Whisper Justice (NWJ) and Peacock in conversation as a part of the “Moments to Movement” event series at Sundance 2022. Together, Peacock and NWJ will host an engaging panel discussion on how the elearning platform Frontlines of Justice aims to transform classrooms with culturally relevant curriculum, social justice pedagogy and compelling content geared towards cultivating the “leaders of tomorrow.”

Black Boys DLE

The Black Boys Digital Learning Experience (DLE) is a free mobile and web application that turns our award winning film, Black Boys into an interactive educational journey. We’ve dissected the film’s content with the help of some of the best curriculum developers in the world and created a one-of-a-kind experience that helps create meaningful impact to an already powerful film.

Complete LMS, interactive content, and deep analytics.

The Black Boys Digital Learning Experience is a complete and robust learning management system combined with a social network. Users will get to experience rich interactive video content, engaging curriculum, progress tracking, communities, and more. On top of that, our analytics engine uses machine learning to foster data informed decisions and help create even better experiences in the future.

Multi-channel Engagement

In-school, in-theater, in-app. No matter where our audience is, we’re here to help equip them with the content, curriculum, and tools that they need to help face some of the world’s most pressing challenges. All wrapped beautifully within our platform.

The Partners

A special thank you to all of the great organizations who helped to make this possible.