Culturally Responsive Teaching

New America analyzed professional teaching standards in all 50 states to better understand whether states’ expectations for teachers incorporate culturally responsive teaching. Their research finds that while all states already incorporate some aspects of culturally responsive teaching within their professional teaching standards, the majority of states do not yet provide a description that is clear or comprehensive enough to support teachers in developing and strengthening their CRT practice throughout their careers. This course identifies eight competencies that clarify what teachers should know and be able to do in light of research on culturally responsive teaching.

  • Professional development
  • Research based
  • Crucial for white teachers
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Social Justice 101

This curriculum is a collection of lesson ideas and resources designed to help students discover and analyze the long history of systemic oppression that has impacted marginalized people for centuries. It is not only the study of history; embedded in this curriculum are opportunities for students to envision and work toward contributing to an equitable and just society. Students learn that they have an obligation to themselves and their community to identify, name, and destabilize injustices. This social justice curriculum inspires students to be upstanders and provides them with the analytical and practical tools to lead and serve.

  • For teachers and students
  • Historically rooted
  • Evokes activation
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The Problem Solving Generation

The idea of a “job” has been shifting for a few generations, yet we continue to have the same expectations from our students as we did a generation ago. Digitalization will continue to dominate the world economy and our students will be working in “jobs” that do not exist, using technology that has yet to be invented. In this course, Jaime Casap, the former Education Evangelist of Google, challenges educators to stop asking their students, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and instead ask, “what problem do you want to solve?”

  • Expert insight
  • Future-forward
  • Generation shifter
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The Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice is redefining what it means to be a student-ready college, with a national movement centering #RealCollege students’ basic needs.  Food, affordable housing, transportation, childcare, and mental health are central conditions for learning. Without those needs met, far too many students leave college in debt and without degrees.

  • Foundational
  • Reality shifting
  • Groundbreaking
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A documentary film featured on NBC’s Peacock that Illuminates the full spectrum of humanity for Black boys and men in America through an intimate, intergenerational conversation at the intersection of sports, education and criminal justice. This film has been broken down into bite size educational modules that all can learn from.

  • Illuminating
  • Humane
  • Empathic
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