Generation Citizen

Fighting For The Fate & Future Of Our Democracy

The next generation. Built for the next generation.


How can Generation Citizen further its mission through its digital presence?


A digital platform to serve as a catalyst for engagement across donors, schools, and alumni.

Students First

Generation Citizen's new digital platform will uplift our youth through educational curriculum, policy change, and cultural shifts.

Story Driven

Together, we will capture to hearts and minds of our constituents with powerful imagery, stories, and visuals.

Catalyzing Change

The new website serves to enhance and expedite Generation Citizen's mission and vision of empowering young people to take action in politics through civic education.

Not just a website, an on-going experience.

The future of Generation Citizen begins here. The new and improved digital platform will not only serve donors, schools, and most importantly students. But will serve as the jumping off point for all future endeavors.

Next Gen. For the next gen.

As our youth evolves and changes with the times, so must our solutions, brand, and message. While the Generation Citizen website will primarily serve the stakeholders who shape our youth. Our brand will still maintain a young, on-trend, and knowledgable stance. That lets our stakeholders know that we’re the organization to reach and understand young people.

Asset based design, interactive content, and scalable platform.

We’re not just creating a website. We’re helping to build the future of Generation Citizen from the ground up. Modern content management systems, social & community features, and a future-proof infrastructure all allows us to grow at the speed of change.

Generation Citizen x Frontlines of Justice

Our goal is further the mission and vision of Generation Citizen by creating the foundations of a digital ecosystem that will serve stakeholders and students for years to come.

Brand Development

Research, strategy, and careful consideration towards your brand and messaging.

Web Design

Technology, infrastructure, as well as beautiful code for exceptional form and function.

User Experience

At the end of the day, it's all about the end user. And we're here to make it fantastic for them.

Strategic Direction

Helping to develop a roadmap of not only where you are but where you're going.

Content & Copy

Visual design, photography, and language to make your site engaging and impactful.

Domain Expertise

We pride ourselves in not just being professionals, but change makers. Justice is what we live and breathe.