Frontlines Formula

Each module includes the following components

Formative Assessment

10 per module;
3-5 questions each

eLearning Video Episode

10 per module;
2-4 minutes each

Digital Resource Guide

Additional content
for a deeper dive

Additional Resources

Bonus materials from outside sources

Summative Assessment

1 per module;
determines growth

About Module I

Module I is designed to cultivate tangible skills connected to ten culturally relevant competencies, which have been developed by The Center for Black Educator Development. This module is an introduction to each competency and includes a formative self-assessment at the end of each episode, which provides the choice of remaining anonymous.

We’ve also included supporting content with multiple resources to dive deeper into the issues discussed within each episode. We believe the true value gained throughout the learning journey is connected to self-reflection and introspection leading to an anti-racism approach to liberating education.

Culturally relevant education is a comprehensive teaching approach that empowers all students intellectually, socially, emotionally, and politically by using cultural referents to impact knowledge, skills, and attitudes.”
Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings

What Educators Learn

Culturally Relevant Competencies

Competency #1

Reflecting on One’s Cultural Lens & Individual Cultural Identity

Competency #2

Recognizing and Redressing Bias in the System in/adjacent to our Educational System

Competency #3

Drawing on Students’ Culture to Inform Curriculum and Instruction

Competency #4

Bringing Real-World Issues into the Classroom, Ensuring a Global Context and Interconnectedness of Curriculum

Competency #5

Modeling High Expectations for All Students

Competency #6

Promoting & Embracing Student Differences

Competency #7

Collaborating with Families and the Local Community

Competency #8

Communicating with Humility & in Linguistically and Culturally Responsive Ways

Competency #9

Respecting, Embracing & Incorporating the Integrity of Students’ Cultural Knowledge

Competency #10

Understanding the Tenets/Nuance of Micro-Aggression(s) and Its Impact on Diverse Learners

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